Our Family is comprised of my wife (Debbie), our son David, myself, our cats and dogs. Our cats are Kato (grey indoor), Lilttle Bit,. We also have two dogs, Apollo the miniature poodle, and Athena the miniature Dachshund.

We have had other cats over the past 18 years. A stray we found in our back yard. She gave birth to 5 kittens. We have found homes for 4 of them, and the mother cat. We kept the last one. We call him Grizz. We had to give Grizz away, he was causing problems for us. So he went to friends of ours. They loved him, but he passed away from cancer a few years ago.

We lost Skyfire (tiger striped indoor), July 2007, she was 13. She got sick very suddenly and we had to have her put down.
In May of 2012 Shadow passed away.

We will have pictures of some of our activities, and various information that our families might like to look at.